In the midst of the crypto-winter and following the DeFi bubble burst and the introduction of new lockdowns across Europe, an unexpected news announcement spread enthusiasm in the crypto community on Wednesday. Leading online payment provider, PayPal, has announced that it will enable the buying and selling of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) through the PayPal wallet and accept these cryptocurrencies as a funding source for payments to all 26 million PayPal merchants.

Bitcoin and Ethereum prices surged 10% within hours of the announcement. Crypto fans were ecstatic and called the announcement “the biggest news…

Businesses wanting to engage with the blockchain community need to understand its real ideals and drivers. Here they are.

Blockchain technology is a young, dynamic field, in which new developments and applications are constantly emerging. But another factor that is at least as exciting about this field is that the actors in this scene are driven by a multitude of ideals and principles, which constitutes a convincing ideology on the user side.

A closer look at this ideology is essential in order to trace the historical origins, but also to understand the ongoing discussions of the Blockchain Community. It also…

How two disruptive technologies empower each other

Blockchain and AI

Artificial intelligence and blockchain technology — aside from the Internet of Things (IoT), no other technologies are currently receiving as much attention, from both futurists and big businesses alike.

But while much has already been written about the potential and the ramifications that these technologies can have on their own, what about their combination? Can these two technologies actually join forces? And if so, how can they serve to help each other realize their full potential?

This article is based on extensive research into current academic and industry-wide debate over exactly these aforementioned…

A simple and clear definition of the Web3 — and why it changes everything.

Please note that there is a lot of confusion and unclear usage of the term “Web3” out there. First mentions of this term date back to 2006, with Markoff’s much-regarded NYT article, and 2007, when the W3C CEO Steve Bratt published a paper titled “Web 3.0 Emerging”. Following his work, the “Web 3.0” was, and is to this day, often largely understood to equal the “semantic web”, where “tasks often require combining data across the internet” (Bratt, 2007).

This work, however, follows a different understanding and…

Christian Brandstötter

Blockchain Writer & Freelance Tech Author. Focus on blockchain applications and use cases. Bringing clarity and structure to a hype-prone scene.

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