The yearend usually is a time of reset and reflection. Inspired by other authors, I have gathered my main learnings of the year and detailed them below.

1. Realism Reigns Supreme.

Romanticism and wishing for things to be you want them are high-held ideals among thinkers and self-growth-aware people. Inspired…

Imagine there was an alternative, shadow financial system

· A financial system in which banks don’t exist.
· A financial system where you could deposit your currency and
receive some actual yield that actually survives inflation.
· A financial system in which you could
borrow money without your credit score being checked…

How two disruptive technologies empower each other

Blockchain and AI

Artificial intelligence and blockchain technology — aside from the Internet of Things (IoT), no other technologies are currently receiving as much attention, from both futurists and big businesses alike.

But while much has already been written about the potential and the ramifications that…

Christian Brandstötter

Blockchain Tech Writer for Work. Self-Growth Author for Passion.

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